Distraction Dentistry

                                                                                   Watch a Movie with Headphones!

Why not think about something else while we are drilling and filling?  Lay back, relax and enjoy the show!  Put on Netflix or YouTube, we have way too many to choose from. Turn up the volume to drown out that noisy drill, watch the screen instead of whatever else is going on. The time will fly, your treatment will be done and away you go. Sorry, popcorn makes it too complicated. 

Dr. Markham has spent hours of his life in a dental chair so he understands how much being distracted helps. Born missing a couple of front teeth and having root canals on all the other front teeth from surfboard facial trauma and other teenage accidents, having braces three times, bridges redone several times and then finally getting implants and crowns.  Exhausting!  Having audio and video to focus on and distract you from what is going on is priceless and honestly does make the time pass much quicker.  Pick one of ours or bring your own. 

Listen to Music instead

Not into movies?  Listen to the music genre of your choice.  We use Pandora for internet radio.  We can play any genre of music that exists.  Tell us your favorite band and we will type it in and voila! they will play along with other bands that are similar. 

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