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Our Mission

To Serve, To Heal, To Transform, To Love


Service-     Dr. Steven Markham and the Yucaipa Dental Team are committed to exceeding the expectations of our patients.  We are dedicated to providing patient specific treatment plans, education, and motivation in building healthier smiles in our community.


Healing-     We strive to communicate our passion for quality and our value of health.  We want to make every patient feel like a family member and never make them feel judged for the circumstances they are in.  For those people with deep scars from dentistry of the past we want to create the most technologically advanced, comfortable dental experience available. 


Transformation-    We will challenge all patients to value their teeth and accept ideal dental solutions. We strive to provide family centered care and are continuing to build our knowledge of dentistry through continuning education, research, and outreach.  We will encourage and offer solutions that will make it possible for all of our patients to smile without reservation or restraint. 


Love-    We know that it is within our power to create an experience where we connect with strangers and help them feel good, so they leave as friends. It is our goal to assure that each patient feels comfort and security in our office.  We want patients to feel they have friends here and enjoy their visits.  We will constantly reach out to the community and give of ourselves, our time and resources to help others.